About Us

Cantrio Koncepts takes your dreams, and applies their ingenuity, talent, creativity, and high end customized products to create a reality. As both a manufacturer and wholesaler, Cantrio Koncepts has the ability to offer high quality and fully customizable products in an array of designs and materials at highly competitive pricing. Our extensive focus on the customer allows you to maintain the original design intent while remaining within budget.


Be Bold

High standards and elevated expectations are the core mission of Cantrio’s brand. All products are designed in concept to balance form, function, and affordable high quality product. Our products offer clean modern sophistication and sleek European elegance in truly unique pieces at a truly competitive price point. 

Customized to Perfection

Our optimized functional pieces bring perfection and personalization to all aspects of your bathroom design. We offer a wide array of fully customized sinks and vanities designed in a variety of materials (glass, steel, copper, nickel, Solidtech, Caesarstone, etc). Today, we are proud to offer our eco-friendly glass, copper, and stainless steel sinks which are produced from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material.

Our highly regarded Solidtech material can be custom designed to accommodate any bathroom design. Our Solidtech material brings the latest in style, functionality, and customized high quality design at a highly competitive price.

We offer unique designs that punctuate our products and create a one of a kind look you cannot find anywhere else.